Another Day, Another Song #2

Hello friends.

This morning my sister told me to clean the house. She is a major clean freak. Although while cleaning I was blasting more Panic! at the Disco because I am really enjoying their new album, it reminded me of a day when I was cleaning. It was the first day that I had heard this song. I listened to it over and over while I swept all of the floors. My friend came over and was wondering why I didn’t change the song.


Another Day, Another Song

You know how life is? Crazy, awesome, suckish, confusing, all of the above. Well I’ll be posting songs daily (hopefully I can keep it up) that relate in some way or another to that day. Or perhaps it was a song that I was obsessed over for that day. Either way it will somehow relate to the day. Today’s song doesn’t describe my day in any way other than that I listened to it a lot today. The title gives the impression of doing something awesome, which I didn’t do today, instead I revamped the whole website, but I guess if you’re reading this then you think it’s pretty awesome? Maybe?


The White Stripes (Album) Review

The White Stripes Debut Album was amazingly amazing. Back in 1999 music was sucking hard and the white stripes came to save the day. While of course, it wasn’t until White Blood Cells and Elephant came out did they get big. But remember. Respect your elders. The White Stripes were a young energetic  band that showed the world that Garage and Blues Rock was still alive and kicking. And with that energy they took the world.


1. Jimmy The Exploder   2:29

2.Stop Breaking Down      2:20

3.The Big Three Killed My Baby 2:29

4.Suzy Lee 3:21

5. Sugar Never Taster So Good 2:55

6. Wasting My Time 2:14

7. Cannon 2:31

8. Astro 2:42

9. Broken Bricks 1:51

10. When I Hear My Name 1:54

11. Do 3:05

12. Screwdriver 3:14

13. One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) 3:14

14. Little People 2:22

15. Slicker Drips 1:31

16. St. James Infirmary Blues 2:24

17. I fought Piranhas 3:07

My thoughts

The White Stripes really made a amazing album for their debut. The album is all about Kick ass Rock N’ Roll and amazing Blues riff. When asked to defend why I think Jack white is one of the best guitarist of our time, I would point them to this album. Jack White likes to say he makes his playing a fight with his guitar. Well I can tell you he’s winning this fight. Jack White just owns his guitar. Meg White’s Drumming is great. It’s simple. Nothing complicated. Just simple. Simply awesome. Nothing more too it. My favorite song on the album is Astro, and I also enjoy Screwdriver. I don’t do a whole high and low point in my review because it does imply the album is bad. And this is far from bad.

My Score

10 out of 10 Astros.

-From the Basement of Alex_N

2010 Flashbacks (Part 2)

My favorite part of running this website is exposing music to people who otherwise might not hear it. B-side Friday and Songs to Hear Before You Die allow me to do that. This post is dedicated to the best of those posts from this year. I hope you enjoy!

The Best of B-Side Friday!

Best of Songs to Hear Before You Die!

2010 Flashbacks (Part 1)

It’s been a good year over here at Music and Life. Things are really starting to get going. I’m going to dedicate this post to looking back at our best and most viewed posts of the year.

I didn’t get back into making posts until February, but that’s when things started to take off. A post made late in that month is currently the most viewed post I’ve made. It was all about the band Weatherbox. I declared them an underground sensation, which they are. Their aggressive indie-punk sound makes them one of the most worth listening to bands making music today.

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The following month I posted a review that to this day is my favorite review I’ve done. I’ve revamped the original post with videos of the best songs off of Brand New’s 2006 release ‘ The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me’. The album is one of my favorites of all time. It puts Brand New above any other band that makes similar music. It is the darkest album I own. There are two songs that show even a faint glimmer of hope, but it is thew ability to be that dark without coming off as annoying or over the top that makes this album so incredible.

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Music is life. What I am really trying to accomplish here is to give a place for people to easily find music they will like listening to. That’s why I do things like B-Side Friday. Another thing I like to think I’m doing is fueling tomorrow’s musicians. Many of the readers here are people who have a dream of getting into the music industry. Back in April I made a post about that very thing. it is one of my favorite posts I’ve ever made and I hope you check it out.

Another one of the most viewed posts is one I made in early November. I was lucky to get as many views as I did. I happened to get online a couple of hours after Taking Back Sunday leaked the demo to their new song ‘Best Places To Be a Mom’. Check out my new revamped post with the song embedded in it so you don’t have to follow any external links.

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Earlier this year I started something called B-Side Friday. It is where I post lesser known songs by all sorts of artists. The artists varied from extremely famous such as Nirvana to the completely unknown like Brett Pearson. I also did this thing called songs to hear before you die. These aren’t the best songs, but theyre all songs that simply have to be heard. In part 2 of my post which will hopefully be ready before Christmas day I will post the highlights of both of these.

This is a Review.


Brothers is a album by the Blues Rock duo, The Black Keys. The Black Keys have been around since the early 2000’s and are one of the greatest duos of this century so far.

This Album Features Dan Auerbach’s amazing riffs and Patrick Carney’s beats. The Album is Blues Rock, with some Garage  rock mixed in. The one single off of this song is Tighten Up. Three music videos have been made for the album. Two for Tighten up (The first with their mascot Frank The Funkasauras Rex dancing. The Second being a Full music video of kids lip-syncing) The third being for the song Next Girl (Frank The Funkasauras Rex returns at a swimming pool chasing ladies).

Track Listing

1 Everlasting Light 3:24
2 Next Girl 3:18
3 Tighten Up 3:31
4 Howlin’ For You 3:12
5 She’s Long Gone 3:06
6 Black Mud 2:09
7 The Only One 5:00
8 Too Afraid To love You 3:25
9 Ten Cent Pistol 4:29
10 Sinister Kid 3:44
11 The Go Better 3:37
12 I’m Not The one 3:49
13 Unknown Brother 4:00
14 Never Gonna Give You Up 3:39
15 These Days 5:12

My Final Thoughts

This is a great Album. I really like it. The first songs are more upbeat while the last are laid back. The guitar is great. The drums are great. The singing isn’t the best but they at least mach the flow of the songs.

My Score


-From The basement of Alex_N

The Audition – Underrated Chicago Superstars (Part 2)

In their latest albums the Audition have grown into a sound that is best described as straight up pop rock.On their 2009 release ‘Self Titled Album’ they start off with jazzy keayboards on ‘The Running Man’ and keep with a more jazzy pop sound through the entire album. Stand out tracks include: ‘It’s Gonna Be Hard (When I’m Gone)’, ‘The Running Man’, ‘love With a Motive’, and ‘Sign. Steal. Deliver.’.

Earlier this year The Audition released their fourth LP which was titled ‘Great Danger’. It stays true to the evolution with more tracks similar to those on their previous release but there are also flashbacks to Controversy Loves Company in songs such as ‘He Is All You Want’. In general though the album just confirms that The Audition are underrated and overlooked chicago superstars. THe guitar sound on the album is fantastic and Danny Steven’s vocals are great as usual. Stand out tracks include: ‘Run Away’, ‘ Honest Mistake’. ‘Let Me Know’, and ‘He Is All You Want’.